Main information

Our helmets are custom made exclusively for each customer. Our goal is and always will be to deliver all helmets with the utmost perfection. However, due to the manual process, we ask for understanding and tolerance for small details and imperfections that may arise.

Our helmets have been tested by the CPSC standard impact test in a professional testing laboratory located in California, USA in 2013 and did pass all tests with 100% success. Included in in rain, cold and hot conditions. Also, as we seek to evolve and upgrade our production everyday, the materials we use today are even better quality than that used at the moment of the tests. We receive a lot of reviews of people thanking for having theirs lives saved by our soldiers, even in one of the fastest hills in the world: Teutonia.

All our helmets, except Full Cut, are IDF (International Downhill Federation) approved and allowed to be used in all world events.

Manufacture and Shipping


As we make each helmet exclusively for each customer, we need 10 to 15 business days to fabricate and send your helmet exactly how you chose it. After sent, it normally takes around 7 to 12 business days to arrive in any place of the world. We will send you an email with your tracking information as soon as your helmet is finished and sent.

*Helmets can delay a bit more to be finished when we are receiving too many orders. Please understand that we need to make each helmet, one by one, with full care and no rush.

*Carbon made helmets may need until 10 extra days to be sent, as they take more time than normal to be manufactured and finished.

*The manufacturing term starts to count on the next business day after the payment confirmation.

*If the order is canceled and the helmet has already started, it is agreed that we will only refund 50% of the helmet(s) value and use the other 50% to cover the costs of manufacture and resale. Each helmet is customized according to the personal choices of each customer and we will have to resell it by a lower price so that the new owner accepts the same size, colors, and all other details chosen not by him, but by the former owner. What for us is extra work and also often a difficult task.

*We will send the order exactly to the address provided by the customer at the time of purchase. If it is wrong, the order will return to us and the customer must pay a new shipment to the correct address. So be sure to complete the address fully correctly.

*Each country has it’s own custom tax policy. In most cases, the helmets arrive with no tax charges, but if it is charged, the customer must pay the tax, not us.

*KNOW YOUR COUNTRIES LAW. It is rare, but some countries may have specific laws that impose restrictions on receiving international merchandise. As we send world wide it’s impossible for us to know all the world laws. So it is 100% customer’s responsibility to know if his country has any restrictions about receiving our products. If we can’t delivery the order because of customer’s country laws, the customer will bear all the shipping and taxes costs and also we will return only 50% of the order payment because the helmets are unique custom made as request for each customer and we will have to try to find someone who accepts re-buying it for a lower price as the helmet model, shell and inner sizes, inside and outside colors, and all other details was chosen by the former owner. Which is extra work for us and also, much times, a difficult task.


To find your ideal measure just pass a tape (those sewing tapes) around the head at the eyebrows and tip of the ears, then score it in centimeters. Usually, it is from 50cm to 62cm.

These are our available sizes:

Extra Small (49 — 51cm)

Small (52 — 54cm)

Regular (55 — 57cm)

Large (58 — 60cm)

Extra Large (61 — 62cm)

*Only “Avitar V2″ and ” Bolt” helmets can go until the Extra Large size.


You can pay though PayPal. The safest method to buy online. 

If you prefer, you may also be sending your order payment by Western Union. Contact us for more details. 

Wear your helmet properly

The first thing you should do when you receive your New Olders is to adjust the jugular strap comfortably and tight to the chin. This detail is vitally important for your safety as the helmet needs to stand firm in your head during a crash. A loose strap allows the helmet to get out of your head when receiving an impact.



The best way to wear and take off your New Olders comfortably is grabbing it by the jugular straps and then “opening” the helmet input before putting your head out or inside. A downhill helmet is naturally smaller than motorcycling helmets, so trying to fit the helmet directly without “open” entry first may cause an impression that it is too small and can ending up hurt your ears. But hey, don’t worry! This technique is just for greater comfort when putting on and taking off your helmet.

Another tip that seems simple, but extremely efficient, is to put your helmet starting from the back of the head. Simply put the back of the helmet on the back of your head and then lower it to the rest of the head. The last part of the head to be covered is the chin. Doing this way it will slide in like a glove!

It is always good to put your New Olders into the protective bag when not in use. This prevents scratches and preserves it always as new.

*Our warranty is 2 years. We recommend replacing all metal parts and the Jugular Strap whenever they are rusting. Due to the sweat, the rust ends up happening. What is normal. Just replace the parts and your helmet will be like new. Do not wait until the limit to make the switch. Keep your helmet always new and in perfect conditions for greater safety.

*Any helmet of any brand must be replaced after the first impact. A crashed helmet presents serious risks of not offer 100% protection in a second injury. Even if the appearance says otherwise, it may have internal cracks in fiber and/or damage to the foam. So be very careful when buying used helmets, as they may have already been impacted.

Tip to save on small orders

If you already have your New Olders and are thinking about asking something small like: Extra Visor, Protective Bag, or any other product of smaller proportions, you will be faced with the freight that can often be more expensive than the product itself. We recommend you to ask any friend of yours if they are thinking about ordering a helmet or if them just ordered one. So you can contact us and ask to put your small order inside your friend’s helmet box, taking advantage of his sending to escape from paying another $hipping.

If you have any other question, contact us.

Now go choose your helmet and let’s rock!