New Cannonball V2: One helmet that worths two.

As many know, rounded helmets offer more protection than aerodynamic helmets.
But why?

A rounded helmet protects the whole head, including the rear, while the aerodynamics have a tail behind that bothers those who rather to have the head 100% covered at all points. That’s why some people see themselfs forced to choose between accelerating more with an aerodynamic helmet or having more safety with a rounded one. Cruel doubt for those who want to practice our sport seeking performance and safety.

It was to end this dilemma that the new Cannonball V2 was born: The first rounded helmet with a completely aerodynamic shape!

  • Full head protection (rear included).
  • Reduced size and featherweight.
  • Aggressive design with aerodynamic keel to cut wind.
  • Total field of view.

The combination of these attributes resulted in a helmet so lightweight, so aerodynamic and so small that will make you forget you’re wearing a helmet to focus only on what matters: Your performance during the run.

Do you know the story which tells that aerodynamic helmets are good for the straight and rounded helmets good for curves? It’s past.

Get your Cannonball V2 now and be ready for any terrain.